June 1, 2014

Copyright Violation

Here is the cover for my new book Copyright Violation. Like the last book, this was an experiment -- instead of doing a week's worth of comics on the subject of copyright like you would see in a traditional daily comic, then moving on to a new theme for the next week, I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and elaborate on all the ideas I had in my notes -- so the book ended up exploding into 120 pages. Ultimately I think this series is a mixed bag, but it was a lot of fun. Here are some samples.

May 1, 2014

Damaged Goods

Above is the wrap-around cover for my new book Damaged Goods that you can pick up at amazon.com. This will probably be my last color book for the forseeable future, except for a Christmas book I haven’t published yet. I’m transitioning to black-and-white because I can crank stuff out so much faster that way, and I like the old-school look and feel of black-and-white comics, especially now as the economy is looking so bleak.

This book was an experiment where I took a concept and just riffed on it -- an eBay bookseller sent me a package with 4 old books in it, but only 2 arrived. Usually for a daily comic I come up with 10 ideas and pick what I think is the best one, but for this series I just used every idea that popped into my head. So as a daily comic, I think this series drags a bit, which is why I’m posting 2-a-day at gocomics, but it was a fun comics experiment. You never know which idea will resonate with readers so I enjoyed just dashing out all the ideas I wrote down in my notes. Here’s a few samples.