March 20, 2014

Apple Creek Comics Update

Hi everybody! Hope you all are well. Just to check in with a quick update: I have new Apple Creek Comics that haven't been published online before going up at gocomics starting today. I just uploaded about 60 that will run through the middle of May. I'm about a year ahead right now, I've got over 400 unpublished comics in the can. Here's a few sneak previews for the next few months. Thanks for checking out my comics and please check out my column for The Comics Journal called Jack Kirby: Behind the Lines.

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Everybody!

Happy New Year Everybody!

I think that's going to be it for the "sneak previews" for the time being. It's tempting to keep posting new stuff as I draw it here because much of it is related to current events, but if I publish everything here months in advance there's no reason for anybody to check out the gocomics Apple Creek Comics page. 

Above, I thought it might be fun to show you the wrap-around covers for my books published in 2013. You can get them all here at

Thanks to everybody out there for supporting my work. I wish you all a great 2014!

December 21, 2013

Some Christmas Comics

Yeah, Yeah, I know there is a typo in the first comic. There might be more in the others -- I don't have time to fix them or even proofread any of them. 

I notice more and more typos creeping into the meta-discourse all over the web, especially in self-published books; even some of the big publishers are printing books riddled with distracting typos. Because of all the wacky spellings mainly on idiotic Twitter tweets, I wonder if typo-text is the wave of the future. 

Producing work with typos is unprofessional and lazy, but in some ways I'm happy more people are doing it,  it gives me an excuse to join the party because I'm a horrible typist. In fact, I should make more typos in my comics, then I can claim I'm doing it on purpose -- I'm reflecting the culture, shining a light on it, I'm being artistic, like James Joyce playing with words. A world that embraced typos sure would save me a lot of time fixing my stupid comics where I spelled something wrong.

December 16, 2013

Sunday Comics

Some more new comics. 

When I first started working several months ahead, I wondered if some of the comics being posted at gocomics in the future would be dated, but even though I made the NSA comics appearing here this week a few months ago, 60 Minutes did a piece last night on the topic of the NSA so it looks like there are some issues that are going to be a major topic of conversation for years to come. 

I know a lot of people hate the "political" comics (and some don't like the silly comics either) but for me, I enjoy jumping around and trying different things. I don't really like political stuff either -- it's not very fun and the future seems out of our control -- but it's hard not to comment on current events right now because they are so important so I'm going to bounce around a lot from "cute" to ugly.

I don't know the artist's name for that comic with the cats looking out the window or I'd credit him/her. I know some will argue I'm "plagiarizing" or stealing from that artist by using that image (and the images of the lions) which I found at Wikimedia (where it says the images are in the public domain, but who knows if they really are). I personally feel a little uncomfortable stamping my characters into another person's work, but it's fun -- and it's an experiment, so I did it because I enjoyed the process plus I think these types of cartoons bring up an important issue that future writers and artists will have to grapple with: when is it okay to combine your work with the work of another? When is it ethical and when is it legal? And does the combination work -- creating something new and relevant, or is it just more post industrial junk? 

I don't think there is a clear answer to that right now so like millions of other people, I'll continue to play with the digital technology combining art and images online and in print and hope my work (and the work of other artists) leads towards a positive future where we can exchange information freely and use the work of others fairly.